Faisal Hills Features

Faisal hills have all the quality and luxurious living. But the question arises if it is so in true ways? Well, this housing society has all the facilities with modern reflection. It can be included as the best housing society to invest in or live in twin cities. Faisal hills are surrounded by the views of Margalla hills, natural beauty, and a dream place for such people, who always look for a serene environment

Faisal hills is a master plan housing society with a touch of comfortable and luxurious living. It has a giant network of wider roads, secured gated community system, undergrounded provision of electricity, education city, sewerage system, and shopping malls etc.

Modern-day facilities:

Faisal Hills has all the modern facilities. Some of the key features are:

  1. Secured Gated Community
  2. The network of wide roads
  3. Underground utility provision
  4. Quality Education
  5. Mosques in every sector
  6. Commercial Hub
  7. Community Center
  8. Sewerage System
  9. Entertainment Infrastructure
  10. Sports facilities
  11. Overseas Block

What comes to your mind when you heard about the installation of a gated community system in any housing system? Probably, the housing society which provides better security and a secure environment for its residents.

Faisal hills ensure 100% safety and protection for its residents. This housing society gated a secure community for different visitors who want to visit this society. This feature is a special consideration for the developers of this project.

The network of wide roads

How do roads help in the growth and economic development of any country? Well, roads help in different sectors like health, education, unemployment, and also flight against poverty by accessing every remote area.

Faisal hills know the value of road development; that’s why they provide a network of wide roads in their housing society. These roads will improve the load of traffic and capacity. It will save the residents from several problems that occurred due to the short wide of the road. Plus, the design of the road is constructed in a way that provides a path to pedestrians as well.

Underground utility provision

Faisal hills provide underground electricity, water resources, and other utilities. Although all the latest societies are coming up with an “underground” feature, it has almost become essential to bring safety to the community. Having an underground provision of electricity will provide additional safety to prevent any mishap

Plus, the installation of the electric power will help to face the troubles caused by load shedding. This key feature will bring a productivity level in this society.

Quality Education

For education and especially for quality education, Faisal Hills has planning strategies that include famous and standard schools, colleges, and universities as well.

Mosques in every sector

Faisal Hills provide the facility of mosques in every sector. This facility will allow the residents to make their religious prayers without any hassle or trouble. There is also a planning to build a central mosque where there will be enough space for half of the residents of the housing society.

Commercial Hub

Owing to the shortest distance from New Islamabad International Airport and CPEC routes, it will be soon become a commercial hub and lead to many commercial opportunities.

Community Center

Faisal hills have developed a fascinating and attractive community environment with natural beauty and other facilities like a plantation, beautiful landscapes, entertainment, and sports clubs. This project is fully equipped with all the facilities a resident need for.

Sewerage System

For residents of the project, the installation of a proper sewerage system has been designed to ensure a hygienic and clean society.

Entertainment Infrastructure

Another impressive feature is the various form of entertainment facilities such as 3D Cinemas, Shopping Mall, recreation activities, theme parks, children play areas, and parks.

Sports facilities

Sports facilities and clubs like Tennis court, Gymnasium, swimming pool, footballs and cricket grounds are present in Faisal Hills

Overseas Block

Faisal Hills care about the need of Pakistani people who are living abroad but want to seek a property in Pakistan? What facilities do they want? They want an atmosphere where they can get a lavish living facility. The overseas block of the Faisal hills provides the best residential facilities. It is comprised of shopping malls, modern restaurants, health facilities, and many more. This block is best to invest and smart choice for people who want to live.

Is it all?

This is not the end of the story because the Faisal Hills has a lot more than the above features and facilities for its residents. It is still in some development stages, and in few coming years, it will be coupled with smart facilities as well.

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